Monday, January 19, 2009

Waiting for Visitation

The papers we faxed to the Carswell facility ,concerning Karla, were finally faxed back to us. It took our Attorney contacting them to get them to fax the papers back. We are waiting on paperwork allowing Karla's mother to go visit her. We have been informed that Karla will not be given special visiting privileges and will have to go to the visiting room. If Karla can make it to the visiting room at all, her visits will be very short as she does not have the strength for a long visit. We were informed that since Karla goes out of the prison facility everyday in a car(with assistance, which exhausts her) to her radiation treatment, she does not need special visiting privileges. No one helps Karla with her wheelchair to the elevator , in order to get to the visiting room. A member of our church was to meet her there to give her a blessing, but she was unable to make it to the visitor's room. She was too exhausted.
We were informed that Karla has a staff infection in her lungs and is currently in isolation. She states that "as long as I hold perfectly still and don't move, then I don't hurt. I guess I will lay here and be a zombie".

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