Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lying Words

Following is an excerpt from a letter that was forwarded to us today by our attorney. It was sent from Senator Crapo's office. The Carswell staff say that Karla is faking her seizures and spasms. The poor girl is paralyzed on one side and has an aggressive brain tumor, where would she get the energy to fake a seizure every few minutes? Someone is lying........and it ain't us. It was asked, if we have been able to have access to Karla or the medical staff, now that the medical papers were signed. We are receiving calls from Karla again, but the staff will not talk to us. They do not answer the phone when we call and do not return messages. Also, the medical staff indicate that Karla can communicate clearly. That is an ambiguous statement. Is that using hand gestures and sign language? Karla's mother has a difficult time understanding her when she calls on the phone. Her words are slurred and difficult to understand. I was able to speak to her myself a few days ago. I was able to make out a little more than half of her conversation.


I did have a chance to read the article you sent and found it to be disconcerting (I have forwarded it along to the appropriate staff in our organization). This morning, I received the following from BOP:

“Inmate signed medical consent forms. Family calls frequently.

Inmate Fuller, Karla is housed as an inpatient on the Medical/Surgical floor. She arrived December 9, 2009, (Tuesday) and was screened in by the Mid-Level Provider. She was followed up the next day by the Clinical Director her ordered her medications. A non-formulary request was submitted for Gabapentin (for pain) and she was prescribed this medication for pain until the decision by Central Office in which it was disapproved. She was also prescribed acetaminophen for pain. Once her Gabapentin was discontinued she was prescribed Oxycodone for pain. She has been evaluated by physical therapy and issued a permanent wheelchair. She is able to get around on her own on the floor in her wheelchair. She goes for radiation daily to an outside cancer center. She is able to get into a car with assistance and transported to the outside facility for radiation. Staff spoke to her on January 8, 2009, and she was able to communicate clearly. She did not display any sort of seizures or spasms during this encounter. Her physician and nurses taking care of her states she fakes spasms and seizures. She began radiation on January 2, 2009, and receives it daily for her brain stem anaplastic astrocytoma. At this time her prognosis is unknown, therefore she does not meet the criteria for a compassionate release. After her radiation treatment is complete and a followup MRI is performed, then her request for a compassionate release can be reconsidered.”

Now that the medical consent forms have been signed, have you had access to Karla and/or medical staff to ascertain her condition?




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  2. I need help. My mom is missing in carswell. Noone has seen or heard from her for 15 days. After 15 days I FINALLY got ahold of her counselor and she told me that she can not tell me anything because my mom didn't sign her medical release form. Inmates are saying they signed it when they first arrived at the prison... How did you get the papers signed??? I'm losing hope. 817 724 7565.