Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Testing the Water

Karla was sent to a women's federal prison camp in southern California. One of her jobs there was testing the water for contamination. The prison camp was next to Victorville(the same Victorville that the Erin Brochovich story took place in). The inmates drank and bathed in this water. It was while Karla was at this facility that she began to have symptoms. After she complained of her symptoms she was transferred to Arizona. When Karla was asked if any other women at the California facilities became ill and were sent away, she said "Yes, alot were". Karla's symptoms began as long ago as last February, but she was not given proper medical attention until last November. The Cancer Institute's life expectancy for this kind of caner is only 44-74 weeks with treatment. We are eager to get her home with loved ones where she can get appropriate medical attention.

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