Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Letter from Karla's Attorney to Sen. Crapo's Office

Peter: I am forwarding to you the letters sent by Karla to her family backing up what we already know. It seems that she made these notes on a regular basis, which creates a contemporaneous record. I am very concerned that Karla has been restricted from calling her family for five days now, either by over medication or simply by denial of access to the telephone. Is she in such poor physical shape that she cannot pick up the phone? Could a nurse assist her in making the call? Dr. Maria Douglas was supposed to fax back the POA and DNR after it was signed. When she did not do so it makes me wonder if she actually got it signed. Is Karla in such bad shape that she cannot sign these papers. They were very anxious to have her sign a DNR, maybe they intend to use that paper if they get rid of her? We need to know now if she is alive and what is her present condition. This BS about not letting her speak freely to her family about her medical condition is wrong and verges on a criminal act on their part. Can you get a condition report on Karla and find out if the papers, including the Request for Compassionate Release has been signed by Karla? When Karla was first diagnosed with the cancerous tumor that was caused by the chromium 6 in the water at the Victorville facility, the prison staff was livid and wanted to know how the family knew of her medical condition and how they knew she was in the hospital in Phoenix because they were trying to keep it a secret and they wanted to cover it up. Actually, Karla had called her family from the hospital, but when the family used the caller ID number to return the call to get more information, the hospital staff had no record of Karla being there. It is a part of the cover up not to allow the hospital to keep a record of her treatment. A prisoner's health condition is not a secret, nor should it be. It is not a matter of national security, it is a matter of the staff trying to cover up their neglect and abuse or worse, covering up for deliberately exposing Karla to a cancer producing condition. Possibly the staff is trying to cover up sending prisoners to Victorville when they knew or should have known of the cancer water. The staff has also been trying to cover up their maltreatment of Karla throughtout December by threatening to put her in the box for being a troublemaker when her family contacted you; by telling Karla they had a policy that inmates could not discuss their health with the outside world, such as family members and by making her sign a contract, under duress, not to make any such disclosures and then cutting off her phone call when she did. The only purpose that it serves not to disclose information is to protect the BOP from exposure to civil liability for abuse and neglect. Is this a part of an aggressive risk management scheme, to cover up the truth from the beginning. What are they thinking?

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