Friday, March 13, 2009

Visiting Karla

Karla's mother was finally able to go see Karla last week. She is in Dallas/FortWorth right now and is able to see Karla on the weekends. She will be staying for 3 weeks. Darlene(Karla's mother) has witnessed Karla having several seizures already(the B.O.P. had stated that Karla was not having seizures). Karla does have to go to the appointed visiting area to visit with her mother and it is very hard on her and exhausting. Darlene has commented that Karla is the only woman from the Carswell FMC that has a visitor.

Karla's radiologist requested that Karla see the Neurologist for her spasms 12 weeks ago, because they were interfering with the radiation treatments. She finally was able to see the Neurologist a week and a half ago. He prescribed a patch for behind her ear as he feels she is having extreme motion sickness. This was a week and a half ago and she still has not received the patch.

Karla was told by the Neurologist that her tumor is aggresive and that the Neurologist was going to request an early compassionate release for her. This is the first time Karla has been told by any medical personel exactly how serious her tumor is. Julie, Karla's sister, had to do the research from the medical information, that was sent to Senator Crapo, to find out what Karla's prognosis was. It was from Julie that Karla originally learned that her tumor was cancerous and aggressive. Karla was informed that the early release would not be for 12 weeks. Karla was scheduled to be released from prison in August because of good behavior. The early release will only cut 3 weeks off of this time. Could you imagine being diagnosed with cancer and not being told any information about what kind it is or how long you are expected to live? Or having to wait 3 1/2 months from your cancer diagnosis to find out how serious it is? We have been told that Carswell provides community standard care. Any medical community that provided care like that would have the pants sued off of them. Do prison inmates deserved to be medically neglected because they committed a crime?

Karla also told us that the water at the Carswell facility smells so strongly of chlorine that it makes them sick to drink it. They were melting the ice out of their ice machine to drink it(the water to the ice machine is filtered). This, however, has broken down and these ill hospitalized ladies have to buy all their drinking water if they want anything to drink that will not make them feel ill.

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